Retailers, car brands, car dealers, compliance companies, holiday parks, hospitality and leisure businesses, B2B software providers, educational institutions, surveyors, insurance brokers, parcel carriers, legal services businesses, property businesses, comparison websites, investment websites, online gaming providers, opticians, nutraceutical companies, crane hire companies, dentists, consultants…the list goes on and on.

Customerwise provides Mystery Shopping, customer and competitor research, and related consultancy services to clients across a huge range of B2B and B2C industries.

The focus is always the same though: helping clients to gain better insights so that they can compete more successfully.

We love a challenge, and we have a superb track record of rising to them!

Case Studies

Here are just a few case studies, chosen because they are all very different.

Case Study: National “Clicks and Mortar” Retail Client – Video Mystery Shopping, Telephone Mystery Shopping and Competitor Mystery Shopping

Case Study: B2B Software Company – Survey and Telephone In-depth Interviews (IDIs)

Case Study: B2B Professional Services – Mystery Shopping and Competitor Research

Case Study: Hospitality / Tourism / Leisure (Holiday Park) – In-depth visitor experience appraisal


In all cases, we focus on improving customer service and customer experiences. Where possible, we also look for ways for clients to increase conversion ratios, sales volumes, average order values, or overall primary and secondary spend.

We take a special interest in improving sales processes in any situations (B2B or B2C) where staff members advise or sell to customers or clients.

How we help B2B & Professional Services Organisations

Customerwise helps B2B organisations to improve lead conversions, customer / client satisfaction, and loyalty, as well as gain insights and monitor standards.

Services include B2B / Corporate Mystery Shopping, Competitor Mystery Shopping, Competitor Intelligence, Research & Analysis, and Customer Experience Consultancy.

In addition to customer surveys, one highly effective way of gaining detailed insights into the experiences and perceptions of real B2B customers is through telephone in-depth interviews.

The nature and scope of B2B projects can vary significantly. All services are bespoke and projects are designed in close collaboration with the client.

How we help B2C organisations

Services here also include Mystery Shopping (including in-person, telephone, online and  Video Mystery Shopping), consultancy, competitor Mystery Shopping and competitor research & analysis.

List of B2C Industries where Mystery Shopping can be used

Below is a fairly long (but not exhaustive) and growing list of potential industries and situations where Mystery Shopping can provide value. Each item on the list links through to a page containing more information on the use of Mystery Shopping in that field.


Whether you see your situation or industry reflected in the list above, or you don’t, we can still help.

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