Mystery Shopping for Consumer Electronics

As technological developments continue at a staggering pace, the consumer appetite for electronic devices also grows and does a good job of trying to keep up.  But it isn’t easy to consumers to keep up.

Many consumers only use and understand a small fraction of what the devices that they already own can do.

Competition is fierce among brands and retailers. With so many choices, consumers are often overwhelmed. Brand loyalty can play a part in purchasing decisions when they do take place, and so can brand inertia.

Overload, confusion, and / or the inability to see a clear reason to replace an older product, can easily lead to potential purchases being avoided.

When sales are made, many things can influence customer decisions, quite apart from rational factors like the item’s functionality, reliability, usability and compatability. Sometimes, the most rational factors won’t even be considered when customers make a purchasing decision. Often, it will boil down much more to how the customer feels.

It is more important than ever for Customers (especially within stores) to provided with an outstanding and highly pleasurable retail experience, and for them to be be educated, inspired and guided through their journey towards a purchasing decision, by a friendly, knowledgeable and customer-focused member of staff.

Customerwise helps organisations to ensure that this is what happens. We work with some of the most well regarded names in the industry.

Our main strengths are these:

  • Ensuring realistic sales interactions by using the best Mystery Shoppers and briefing them thoroughly and effectively.
  • Bringing fresh but well grounded ideas about the factors that are mostly likely to affect sales outcomes.

Mystery Shopping can be used to great effect by retailers looking to

  • Gain feedback on store presentation and the customer experience
  • Monitor and improve standards of customer service
  • Monitor and improve staff sales skills.

It can also be used by brands to identify how their goods are being represented in stores.

Example businesses and situations

These may include retailers of white goods, small kitchen appliances, HiFi and home entertainment equipment, computing equipment and accessories, home automation systems, etc. Also, brands, manufacturers and distributors may use Mystery Shopping to identify how products are being represented in stores.

How is Mystery Shopping used and what are the potential benefits?

This is a retail sales situation that’s likely to involve an element of advice provision and sales activity and (hopefully) skill on the part of staff members. In some cases, goods can be of high value and could be classified as a luxury purchase. In these cases, sales interactions warrant more close attention. Telephone enquiries can often be very valuable, and Video Mystery Shopping may be increasingly worthwhile where higher value goods are on offer.

If you would like to discuss the possibility of Mystery Shopping for a business in the consumer electronics sector, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

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