Product Partnerships Ltd and Customerwise Ltd

Product Partnership Clients

Customerwise Ltd operates as a preferred partner to Product Partnerships Ltd (PPL), conducting mystery shopping to support PPL’s regulatory oversight of its clients and appointed representatives.

Choosing Customerwise as your mystery shopping partner will offer several unique benefits.

Experience and bespoke solutions

Customerwise has extensive experience in supporting businesses to monitor compliant activity and will be working even more closely with PPL to help its many clients to:

  • reduce risk
  • maintain oversight
  • improve business performance
  • enhance customer experiences
  • increase sales volumes and values

Using a variety of different channels to gather feedback – phone, online and in-person – Customerwise has developed an impressive track record of providing the highest quality bespoke feedback programmes to businesses in a broad range of industries including retail (online, offline and telephone sales), the motor industry and leisure & fitness  among many others.

Access to your compliance data

We harness the power of the SASSIE system – the most advanced platform in the industry – to help businesses to obtain and explore the data and insights that matter most to them.

The system offers options to share “direct” mystery shopping data with your PPL account team, to help them gain further insights and help you to further reduce risk.

Clients are granted full access to the cloud-based compliance oversight program, which highlights key areas of focus and improvement, with the aim of achieving good customer outcomes. The Customerwise team will provide live walkthroughs of the platform to help you get started.

If you would like to discuss how Customerwise can help, call Tamsin Palmer on 01392 984224 or email

Kaizen Action Plans

Kaizen is a unique and revolutionary module (part of the SASSIE platform) which helps organisations to manage any remedial steps identified through the mystery shopping reports.

Kaizen really is a “game changer” in the mystery shopping world. It creates a complete 360° cycle that covers both:

  • what is discovered through mystery shopping; and
  • what action is taken in response.

Not only does Kaizen underpin clients’ regulatory oversight requirements, but it also drives real performance improvement and, importantly, documents any remedial actions taken.

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The partnership between PPL and Customerwise is going to help both organisations to provide a better, more comprehensive service to our clients. The developments above are hugely exciting, but they are just the start.

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