Mystery Shopping

Gain a real understanding of the customer experience, to improve your service and increase sales

Surveys & Research

On-site, phone-based and online. Listen to your customers and your staff. Monitor your Net Promoter Score and much more.

Support & Consultancy

Fresh perspectives and a real partnership to help you solve problems and seize opportunities.


Relatable, relevant and effective. Increase awareness and improve customer engagement.

What We Do

We help businesses to:

Improve Customer Satisfaction,

Increase Sales,

Protect their Reputations,

…by helping them to improve customer service, and provide a better overall customer experience.

We help clients to look more thoroughly at the experiences of their customers, to gain new insights, and spot new opportunities.

Reputation is everything, and in today’s world things can change in an instant.

Competition is fierce, and customer loyalty is harder to achieve than ever.

So how do you know what your customers really experience?...and whether it’s consistent?

Call us today on 01392 984224 or send us a message online to find out how we can help your business.

How we Work

1. Research

Undertake research and listen to clients to understand their position, priorities and challenges.

2. Baseline Assessment

Initial project using a series of Mystery Shopping visits to measure existing performance. Examine subjective comments as well as the more objective data to identify patterns and opportunities.

3. Agree Objectives

Set improvement goals, required actions, and timescales with management and team members. Review scenarios and questionnaires so relevant data is collected going forward.

4. Action

Help the client to implement the changes needed to reach initial improvement goals.

5. Pursue

Agree a strategy for continued performance improvement and monitoring. Reports are available online 24/7 and within 3 days of each visit for rapid action.

6. Review

Regularly review progress and ongoing strategy to meet and exceed business goals


Clients achieve significant improvements in customer / client satisfaction, and in turn loyalty, and revenue. Higher standards are maintained and improved long term, along with the clients’ reputation, and competitive edge.

Why use us?

We’re easy to work with. We keep it simple, we value your time and we’re results focussed.
We can help almost any organisation. If you have customers or clients, we can probably help you too.

To find out how, call us today for an informal initial chat on 01392 984224 or send us a message online.


"The company we used  to use for Mystery Shopping could learn a lot from Customerwise.."

National Luxury Retailer

"The service from Customerwise exceeded my expectations...a number of insights which we gained that will be of significant impact going forward...a very healthy return on investment, and we intend to continue to work with Customerwise in the future. I’d strongly recommend Customerwise to any organisation looking to improve visitor or customer satisfaction and the many things that rely on it, or just generally improve performance.Click for more info

Dart Valley Railway plc

"I was hugely impressed with their knowledge of the market, their timely and cost effective delivery and critically, their professionalism... I'd have no hesitation in recommending the services of Customerwise Ltd.." Click here to read more.

Dartmoor National Park Authority

"Noticed several things we could never have seen for ourselves...a very healthy exercise which has left us with an easy to implement set of priorities for improvement. I cannot think of an attraction which would not benefit from this service.Click for more info

Dartmoor Zoo

"Customerwise helped us gain invaluable insights into our customer experience offer through a bespoke mystery shopper campaign, tailored to our needs... very helpful for us to improve our operations...incredibly client focussed...really impressed me... applying creativity and expertise.... great attention to detail and ability to deliver." Click for more info

Devon Wildlife Trust

"The most comprehensive and useful feedback we have ever received....cared about our business and enabling us to provide the best visitor experience possible, while taking maximum advantage of new and existing commercial opportunities....The return on investment is clear, especially given the power of social media and online reviews. We would strongly recommend Customerwise to any organisation seeking a boost, a “health check” or gaining objective insights into their operation.Click for more info

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