Mystery Shopping for Residential Property Sales and Lettings

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Deciding on where to live will always be one of the most important choices that we ever make as individuals.

Whether someone is looking to purchase a dream home, opting for shared ownership, or seeking the perfect short-term or long-term rental, it will always tend to feel like a big decision.

The impact of (good or bad) customer service, overall customer experience, and sales effectiveness on a decision like this cannot be overstated.

Across the full spectrum of accommodation types, from high-end luxury residences to more budget-friendly options, certain key points hold true…

A well handled enquiry / sales process can make a huge difference to the impressions, thoughts and feelings (and ultimately the decisions) of a potential buyer.

Every action that can reflect on professionalism, attentiveness and reliability (of the staff member and the organisation) can make a big difference. Seemingly small details (especially combinations of them) can often sway decisions.

A structured and effective sales approach, that’s properly tailored to individual needs, is vital.

Mystery Shopping provides priceless feedback on the “full enquiry cycle” for property sales and lettings businesses

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Mystery Shopping is an invaluable tool for property businesses, including home builders / developers, estate agents, and rental operators. It provides detailed feedback on the realities of how sales enquiries are being handled, in an industry where many staff work with limited supervision.

Normally (and ideally), Mystery Shopping programmes are designed to reflect a realistic “full enquiry cycle”.

In the case of new home enquiries, for example, this typically includes initial online or telephone enquiries, scheduled or unannounced visits to sales offices or show homes for in-person sales presentations or tours, and then also any post-visit, follow-up activities (e.g. via phone, text, and email).

Video Mystery Shopping

For businesses seeking a more detailed understanding, Video Mystery Shopping is a superb option. Covertly recorded footage provides granular and comprehensive insights into interactions, capturing subtleties that might otherwise be missed (and providing indisputable proof of these for training and development).

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Customerwise: Setting the Standard

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Customerwise delivers Mystery Shopping services of exceptional quality to many property businesses, including new home builders / developers, rented accommodation operators and others.

Our finely-tailored approach, unique VOIP technology, direct shopper briefing, and other rigorous measures ensure realistic interactions (crucial for obtaining truly valuable feedback in these high value, multi-stage enquiries) along with reports that are detailed, accurate and reliable.

Video footage, along with records of all other communication (e.g. call recordings, text from SMS, email and web interactions) are all conveniently included with individual enquiry reports, delivered to clients through our online reporting platform SASSIE.

Along with proven expertise in creating bespoke dashboards and reporting systems for large, multi-level organisations, we’ve also pioneered the use of Kaizen Action Plans within our reporting platform, to help our clients to turn great feedback into real results.

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More about Mystery Shopping for Residential Property Sales and Lettings in the UK

Mystery Shopping feedback can provide priceless feedback to businesses regarding sales of both new build homes (including houses and apartments) and also older / secondary market homes. The same is true for short-term and long-term lettings.

Both arms (sales and lettings) of the UK residential property market have been facing challenges in recent years, for various reasons.

In difficult and competitive environments like this it is even more important that customer experiences are optimised, and that sales effectiveness is maximised.

Inspiring and exciting your potential customers

Property decisions (especially those related to one’s own home) often hinge on perceptions and emotions (rather than just hard facts and data). Clearly, being more inspired and excited by one option, can easily swing things in that direction.

Different property businesses have their own differing sales processes and approaches (these will tend to be tuned to the preferences of their target market). Ideally the approach should include providing the potential customer with all the relevant (and accurate) information they need, while also helping them to imagine (and be inspired and excited by) their new home, living environment and lifestyle.

Adapting to the Changing Tide

In this fast-evolving landscape, factors such as decreased mortgage availability (and therefore more competition for fewer buyers) and changing customer priorities mean that approaches need to continually adapt.

Understanding the changing behaviour and priorities of younger buyers and first-time homeowners is vital.

Gen Z’s emphasis on shared facilities, convenience, and social responsibility should be noted, and in order to compete effectively, businesses need to align with and cater to these shifting preferences.

Gen Z’s apparent preference for impromptu / unannounced visits (to show homes and sales offices) is another example, and this should be reflected in any Mystery Shopping programme.

Quality Code Compliance for New Home Builders

For builders adhering to the New Homes Quality Code (the new Code of Practice from the New Homes Quality Board), ensuring high levels of compliance by sales staff is imperative.

Identifying and supporting vulnerable customers is a key part of the Code, requiring builders / developers to have robust processes to enable staff to ensure that this is achieved in practice.

As with the FCA’s Consumer Duty, vulnerability can take many forms and home builders need to have appropriate processes in place to assist staff in identifying these vulnerabilities and providing suitable support.


Beyond Boundaries: Evaluating Competitors

For the best results, Mystery Shopping should not be confined to one’s own sites.

Gaining feedback about competitor locations provides developers and other operators with a comprehensive understanding of the market landscape and powerful insights into their own relative strengths and weaknesses, the real factors that drive results, and the most high impact opportunities for improvement.


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As the residential property industry navigates challenges, staying tuned in to real customer experiences is key to sustained success.

Mystery Shopping continues to be an indispensable tool for residential property businesses in the UK.

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