Mystery Shopping for Holiday Parks and Resorts, Lodge Holiday Retreats, etc

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For Holiday Parks, resorts and retreats, the customer experience is everything.

Delivering excellence, and doing so consistently, is the only way to prosper in today’s market.

Customers are more demanding than ever, they are fickle, and they express their views and their feelings very candidly, especially online.

It’s clearly much better to find opportunities to improve before your guests find them.  That enables you to increase smiles (along with repeat bookings and positive reviews) and avoid frowns (along with complaints and negative reviews).

More than ever before, customer satisfaction determines real business results.

Bespoke, high-quality Mystery Shopping Services for Holiday Parks, Resorts and Retreats

happy family playing air hockey together in an arcade on holidayCustomerwise helps Holiday Park operators that are truly committed to excellence and to ongoing improvement. We do that by providing feedback programmes, based on Mystery Shopping, that are comprehensive, tailored to our clients’ businesses, and packed with those all-important details.

For park operators who want feedback and are ready to act on it, our feedback programmes make a real difference…

“The reports are invaluable to our business and assist us in making strategic decisions… helped us pick up 8 awards in the last calendar year, including regional customer service awards….

I would highly recommend Customerwise to anyone in the industry.”

Stephen Brown, Lady’s Mile Holiday Park

Holding up a mirror and promoting a customer service culture

As well as helping you to pinpoint specific improvement opportunities, a well-executed programme of regular Mystery Shopping can produce huge improvements in customer service culture. It encourages all team members to look at themselves and raise their game.

Staff complacency gives way to a desire by staff to be seen at their best. Training requirements are identified, and your most customer-focussed staff are recognised.

Packages are tailored to individual clients’ facilities, standards, and processes, and Mystery Shoppers are carefully chosen for their “fit” with each business, as well as their observational skills and report writing ability.

If you want to learn more, or see a sample report, please get in touch with us using or 01392 984224 for an informal chat.

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How is Mystery Shopping used and what are the potential benefits?

For Holiday Parks, Mystery Shopping can be used at virtually every stage of the customer journey. This can include online and telephone enquiries and reservations, arrival and check-in, all the way through to final check-out and departure, with everything in between. Typically, Mystery Shoppers will use, and report on, all facilities within a resort, take part in organised events or activities, and make additional enquiries (e.g. holiday home ownership) as part of their assignment.

Traditional report-based Mystery Shopping, and also Video Mystery Shopping are both used for holiday parks, and usually online and telephone contact are also used to cover the reservation and booking process.

If you would like to discuss the possibility of Mystery Shopping for a Holiday Park, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

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