Client and competitor comparative website studies

How well is your website turning potential customers into actual customers?

Is it doing as well as your competitors?

What can you learn from them? How can you do better?

How can you get clear, reliable answers to those questions? It’s easy and it’s affordable, with a client and competitor website study.

The process

Here’s what we do.

  • Take a reasonable sample of people from your real target market to serve as testers / mystery shoppers. We suggest 20-30 as a rough minimum.
  • Get them to search for your type of business, using the search terms that they would naturally use.
    • Learn how they search.
    • Learn who comes up and where.
  • Have these users spend time on your website, and on a selection of your competitors’ websites. Have them test and report on every key aspect:
    • First impressions and design look and feel.
    • Emotional impact.
    • Useability, Navigation, User Experience.
    • Adequacy and clarity of relevant information.
    • Clarity and effectiveness of sales copy and images.
    • Products and services, standards, options, add-ons, etc.
    • Reasons to use your business. USPs, values, style, guarantees, accreditations, trust factors, etc.


Here’s what you receive:

  • A full overview report and presentation, including comparative performance, specific highs and lows, insights, and crucially: clear and actionable recommendations.
  • Full access to all detailed individual user reports (including supporting materials such as screenshots and videos), and a flexible range of tools for analysis and reporting. (

Don’t rely only designers, applying what they believe should work or what seems to look good. Or only on technology that tells you what people are doing on your site (but not why they might prefer competitors).

Learn exactly where and why users might be steered away from your website and towards your competitors, and what you can do to win over those prospects instead.

Learn directly from real, relevant users how they respond to and view your website in comparison to your competitors.