Mystery Shopping is a genuine, flexible, self employment and work-from-home opportunity. It provides thousands of people in the UK with a supplementary income and provides many people with a full time income.

One of the best things about Mystery Shopping is that you are in control: you decide what types of jobs you take on, for which companies, how many jobs, and when and where you work. You can take on as much or as little as you like.

Mystery Shopping can be used in a wide variety of industries and for different reasons. It is used for assessing customer service, sales effectiveness,  and compliance, and also for data collection and intelligence gathering.

Customerwise is always looking for new mystery shoppers, and one of the great things about working with us is the variety of projects and programmes that we deliver for clients. Here are a few examples:

  • Visits to retail stores (some of which are covertly video recorded), to discuss products, finance offers, or both.
  • Visits to car dealerships (often video recorded).
  • Visits to car service providers.
  • Visits to holiday resorts (expenses paid!).
  • Visits to exercise classes.
  • Visits to educational institutions (e.g. open days).
  • Visits to property developments and accommodation providers.
  • Telephone calls to retail businesses, healthcare providers
  • Telephone calls to banks, financial institutions, retail investment platforms, law firms, and insurance brokers.
  • Online enquiries and interactions including live chat and email.
  • Website user experience and feedback assignments.
  • Online gaming – long term user experience and support assignments.
  • Recruitment process feedback.
  • B2B / self employment / franchise enquiries.


Why should you work with Customerwise?

It probably makes sense to let some of our shoppers tell you in their own words. These are just some of the typical comments we receive directly from shoppers, and some of the comments that they make about us on social media groups (e.g. on Facebook).

‘Great job by the way in terms of your communication with me, having clear briefs and quick feedback. Other mystery shopping companies could learn a lot from you! I would be happy to prioritize you over other mystery shopping companies for work.’

‘I absolutely love working for Customerwise and feel privileged to be part of the call team. I love the fact that they are always reachable, personable and I always get nice emails. I’ve even told my friends about it too. In the 10 years I’ve been doing MS, I’ve never come across such a nice and friendly company.’

‘Always a pleasure to work with you’

‘Thank you so much for not only being one of the best MSC to work for, but also having such interesting and unusual jobs! I love having to think of those back stories, and it’s great that you listen so well when things go off course – I do hope your clients appreciate you as much as I do!’

‘Customerwise is one of the best (and most on the ball) MSCs to work with.’

‘Excellent company to work with. Honest, supportive, pay well & on time. Only positive experiences from me. Really nice team too’

‘They are a lovely bunch to work with.’

‘Absolutely back them up. The best!’

‘Great company to work with. Based on my own experience, I’d be happy to recommend them.’

So, what are you waiting for? There’s nothing to lose, so why not register now?

In addition to a wide variety of more traditional mystery shopping assignments, our mystery shoppers are also regularly invited to help deliver other services, including telephone customer interviews, live testing, telephone canvassing, and data gathering projects.

Of course it is free to register (it will be with any genuine Mystery Shopping company), so you can start to see what opportunities are available. There’s nothing to lose, so why not get started by clicking the link on the right!

More about Mystery Shopping

Mystery Shoppers interact with businesses, posing as “normal” customers or potential customers, make specific observations and then typically prepare detailed reports on what they experienced and noticed during their interaction.

Interactions can take place in-person, by telephone, or online. Often, an assignment might involve two or more stages or aspects.

Mystery Shoppers are paid for each assignment, and / or they’re provided with a valuable benefit. Mystery Shoppers operate on a self-employed basis, and are free to choose which, if any, assignments they take on.

Customerwise offers the highest rates of pay to Mystery Shoppers in the industry, but we also require the highest levels of reliability and accuracy.

The following attributes are essential:

  • Ability to follow detailed written instructions
  • Superb written (English) language skills
  • Observation and attention to detail
  • An excellent memory
  • Good interpersonal skills

We are looking for people of all ages, from a wide range of backgrounds, in a range of different locations, and with different interests, to cover a wide range of assignments.

Frequently Asked Questions about being a Mystery Shopper

If you believe that you meet the requirements above and you’d like to get the process moving, then there’s no time like the present! Please click the link below to get the process started.


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