Competitor Mystery Shopping

Mystery Shopping is a uniquely effective way of obtaining detailed and reliable, up to date information on competitors’ businesses and how well (or how badly) they’re run.

Competitor Mystery Shopping can be carried out on B2C businesses, and also on B2B organisations.


Competitor Mystery Shopping image

Competitor Mystery Shopping is sometimes used on an ongoing basis to monitor competitors, and sometimes it’s used periodically or on an ad-hoc basis.

It is sometimes used as a stand alone service to obtain specific insights or pieces of information. At other times it is used as just one part of a much wider Competitor Intelligence Research project.

Take a look here at how Competitor Intelligence Research could help your B2C or B2B  business to compete more intelligently and more effectively.

At the most basic level, the information and insights gained from Mystery Shopping activity performed on competitors can help you to:

  • See what they’re doing, that you’re not doing (yet).
  • See what they’re not doing, that you are.
  • See what they’re doing well, and that you might do better.
  • See what they’re doing badly, so you can avoid their mistakes.

… and how it all looks and fits together, through a customer’s or client’s eyes.

Valuable insights into staff morale, efficiency and quality of service as well as oversight and supervision and other key areas of competing businesses can also be obtained through Competitor Mystery Shopping.

Both for gaining practical ideas, and gaining an understanding of where you stand in your own market, Competitor Mystery Shopping can prove to be a very worthwhile investment.

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