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Financial Services Portal. Telephone Mystery Shopping for studies on customer service in financial brokers

SASSIE Kaizen Action Plans image shows how the SASSIE platform can help clients to act on mystery shopping feedback.

Create a 360 degree feedback cycle with SASSIE’s Kaizen Action Plans

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New Services for 2021: Client and Competitor Website Studies and online / virtual video (e.g. Zoom) sales consultations.

Solicitors Firm

How solicitors and law firms can use Mystery Shopping to increase revenue, client satisfaction and loyalty


Helping where help is needed


Oops, I did it again.

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How quickly a year can pass


B2B Software Company – surveys and in-depth telephone interviews


Competitor Mystery Shopping and Competitor Intelligence Research – taking out the mystery

B2B sales interaction

Why B2B businesses struggle for honest feedback from clients, and why they need it more!

Sales person shrugging

How do your sales people really handle customer interactions?

credit card payment in retail sale

B2C & retail sales: 10 things that aren’t done well enough often enough

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