A vehicle is a major purchase for most people, and it is a complex purchase. A customer’s motivations and decision making factors can be many and varied. Often they go beyond just the utility and practicality of a vehicle.

Car Showroom

They way that a vehicle brand, a dealership, and an individual staff member are perceived can have an enormous impact a customer’s decisions. The sales skills and advice of an individual staff member can also be pivotal in itself to whether a sale takes place, and to the value and profitability of any transaction.

Mystery Shopping can help to monitor whether everything that should be happening is happening. It can also help reveal clear opportunities for improvement in terms of customer satisfaction and business performance.

Example businesses and situations

The most common types of businesses that commission Mystery Shopping include dealerships offering new and used vehicles of all types including cars, motorbikes, Motorhomes & Recreational Vehicles, Powersports, marine and commercial vehicles. It includes main franchised dealers, and independent used vehicle dealers as well as garages and service

How is Mystery Shopping used and what are the potential benefits?

Focussed most often on sales of new and used vehicles, but also servicing-related enquiries and experiences. Due to the sales focus of the automotive industry / “motor trade”, Mystery Shopping has been used for years (and especially, more recently, Video Mystery Shopping) to establish the fine detail of the sales process and sales interaction. Experiences and reports can cover the entire customer journey, often involving initial telephone enquiries. The benefits are improved lead conversion and therefore increased sales volumes, as well as sales values through increasing customer spend (e.g. affecting basic model choice, extras and other features selected, finance and warranty packages, etc.).


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