Costs are understandably a key thing that potential clients usually want to know as early as possible.

It’s easy to understand why, but it’s not easy to give an answer until we understand exactly what we’ll be doing for the client.

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Every client, programme and project is unique. We can only propose costs when we know exactly what is involved.

What we do know is that Customerwise’s charges are competitive: whenever we’re compared with other providers on a like-for-like basis (specific features, including execution details), and whenever clients look at the total financial impact and ROI of our services (including against other providers).

We can help clients create real measurable improvements within specific, agreed “result areas”. These will be different for each business, but typically fall within categories such as:

– Customer or visitor satisfaction (the driver of improved results in many other measurable areas).

– Customer or visitor numbers, bookings, occupancy rates.

– Sales: conversion ratios, number of sales etc.

– Sales: average order values, primary spend etc.

– Secondary spend, spend per head, etc.

– Customer loyalty (vs attrition rate).

– The numbers / ratios of positive online reviews.

– Customer lifetime value.

The truth is that the value of any service to an individual client, only become clear as the service is provided.