We’re more interested in listening to clients than talking about ourselves. However, if you’re on this page, you probably want to know a little about us and how we work.

You might just want to know why you should work with us.

What we do for clients can be explained very simply. We help them gain powerful customer insights, to then improve customer satisfaction, increase sales, and protect their reputations.

If you have any questions about what we do, or how we might be able to help you, just get in touch for an informal chat.

There’s no reason not to.

We respect your time. You’ll find us pro-active, diligent, resourceful, and focused on producing real, measurable and sustainable results.

And if we ever fail to impress you with our service (or even just one of our reports), just let us know and we will provide a refund or credit for that piece of work. Nothing would make us more unhappy than an unhappy customer!

Also, we don’t work with clients in the first place unless we’re confident we can really help.

So there really is no reason not to: give us a call on 01392 984224 for an initial informal chat or contact us online to let us know a good time to connect.

So, what is (or who are) Customerwise?

We’re a dynamic young business based in the South West of England. We’re focused on helping a wide range of organisations to use Mystery Shopping, and feedback from real customers, to improve customer satisfaction, and thereby increase sales, improve retention, gain referrals, and gain great reviews.. and all those other good things.

As well as providing reliable feedback from well planned and executed Mystery Shopping and customer feedback programmes, our team offer the best of both worlds in terms of the help and advice we offer to clients:

The core team at Customerwise holds significant experience in building and growing B2B consultancy and service-based businesses, serving a wide variety of industries. In addition, our team of advisors are on hand to share their expert knowledge and experience in specific industries and business functions.

Everyone who’s involved with Customerwise shares a passion for, and belief in, great customer experiences as a means for businesses to achieve real performance breakthroughs in today’s challenging climate.

Customers are becoming less forgiving of poor or even mediocre service, and thanks to the internet, reputations can be quickly destroyed if and when standards slip.

We anticipate a future where increasingly, organisations will need to go much further than they have in the past to impress and retain customers. We believe businesses that see and adapt to this will prosper, and those that don’t, probably won’t.

Customer satisfaction is rapidly becoming an essential business function alongside traditional marketing. Some have even said that customer experience is “a new form of marketing”. Certainly the two are now inextricably linked.

That’s a summary of what Customerwise Ltd is all about, but if you would like to know more, keep browsing or feel free to get in touch.