Surveys & Research

We provide bespoke feedback solutions according to our clients’ needs. These include:

  • Online Customer Surveys
  • Staff Surveys
  • Online and traditional qualitative research techniques

We have on hand a number of experienced (director level) experts in both qualitative and quantitative research techniques, who can creatively apply an effective, bespoke, and yet affordable strategy for even the most complex research problems. They can help clients to to reliably establish what people think and do, and crucially, why. This can expand to explore questions around customer preferences, biases and priorities including where and how they might respond differently to different offerings.

Increasingly, online methods can be used to produce reliable insights often at much lower cost than traditional methods. Online customer surveys are now the norm for quantitative research,  but online qualitative tools and techniques can also help to explore the “nitty gritty”, often in place of focus groups and other traditional techniques and at lower cost.

We’re always happy to chat with clients about research projects, and about suitable ways of gaining customer feedback and remaining engaged with customers. Please contact us now for an informal discussion on 01392 984224.

The company complies with the regulations of the Market Research Society and in addition their voluntary best practice guidelines.