Strategic Partnerships

Our work with every client is a partnership. The key part that we play is in helping clients to understand and improve the experience of the most important people: their “ordinary” customers.

Our clients are also sometimes keen to get advice and help from individuals who hold specialist expertise related to their particular industry.

There are also sometimes situations where professional advisor or consultant will be working with a client, and both parties usually have an interest in optimising the experience of the client’s customers.

We’re always keen to hear from individual professionals and organisations offering B2B advice or services, including for example the following:

  • Marketing & Branding etc– online and offline, all subsets.
  • PR, Media etc.
  • Accountants & Solicitors
  • Business brokers / transfer agents (we can help buyers to assess and sellers to optimise!)
  • Investors, venture capital funds, business angels
  • Other trainers, advisors, consultants and mentors – industry or function-specialists

We’re very able and willing to work as part of a team to produce results. We can simply arrange to gather data, or if required, we can offer comments, suggestions and practical help with how best to respond to any findings.

If you have a specific project or situation you’d like to discuss, or you’d just like an initial no-obligation chat, please do call us today on 01392 984224 or contact us online.