Create a 360 degree feedback cycle with SASSIE’s Kaizen Action Plans

Mystery Shopping is well known for providing extremely powerful feedback, of the kind that’s impossible to gain through other means.

However, in order for Mystery Shopping to create a return on investment, it has to lead to real improvements (e.g. to customer experiences, to sales effectiveness, etc.). This involves work, and work takes time.

Ordinarily, Mystery Shopping clients are left to deal with the results of Mystery Shopping activity themselves:

  • to communicate with their teams about the findings, and about the steps to be taken to resolve issues, and then
  • to monitor and log follow-up actions to ensure that issues are actually fixed.

Usually, they do all of this “offline”, using their own systems. Often, dealing with the feedback in this way can swallow up lots of time and energy. Sometimes, issues are not followed up when they should be.

Here at Customerwise, we’re really excited to offer a solution to these challenges, in the form of Kaizen Action Plans.

Kaizen is a feature of the class-leading SASSIE online platform. It is designed to help clients efficiently turn mystery shopping feedback into real performance improvements. It really is a “game changer” in the Mystery Shopping world.

This is how it works in a nutshell:

  • When a mystery shopping report is published which fails to meet certain criteria, an Action Item is automatically generated within the platform.
  • Relevant stakeholders in the client organisation are automatically alerted and invited into the system to check the issue, and to oversee or participate in its resolution.
  • Communication about the resolution of the issue takes place on the platform itself, until it is resolved and signed off.
  • All communication remains on the system (along with any evidence of remedial steps that are taken) attached to the “shop” record for future reference.

Reminders are automatically sent and the system includes dashboards providing stakeholders with clear views on all outstanding and overdue issues that are waiting to be resolved.

Kaizen is flexible and can be configured with different levels of criticality, automatic action steps depending on issues that are identified, and different stakeholder inclusion depending on the nature of the “non-conformity”.

The key benefits of the Kaizen system for clients are that it:

  1. Helps you to reliably ensure that issues identified through Mystery Shopping actually get fixed.
  2. Saves you time and improves efficiency.

It can be used in any situation where businesses want to use Mystery Shopping feedback to improve their own performance, whether that relates to legal or regulatory compliance, sales effectiveness, customer experiences or any other area.

If you would like to learn more about how Mystery Shopping with Kaizen Action Plans can help your organisation, please call us on 01392 984224 or book a discovery call with Paul Taylor here.


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