Mystery Shopping for Employee Assistance Programmes (“EAP’s”)

Employee Assistance Programmes (EAPs) play a crucial role in supporting the well-being of employees within organisations. According a recent BBC article, three quarters of the UK working population have access to an EAP, and one EAP provider alone provides support to over 13 million employees.

With the inevitable commercial and financial constraints (and as demonstrated by the article in the link), ensuring that these programmes consistently deliver high standards of care and support can be challenging.

Mystery Shopping is a powerful tool that can help EAP operators to maintain and improve the quality of their services.

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Understanding Mystery Shopping for EAPs

Mystery shopping involves using individuals (through a Mystery Shopping provider such as Customerwise) to anonymously evaluate various aspects of a service or product. In the context of EAPs, mystery shoppers are tasked with assessing the quality of care and support provided to employees seeking assistance or support in relation to a range of personal and / or work-related challenges.

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Benefits of Mystery Shopping for EAP Operators:

  1. Quality Assurance: Mystery shopping provides EAP operators with valuable insights into the effectiveness of their services. By arranging for the programme to be methodically tested by anonymous users, a well-designed and well-executed Mystery Shopping project or programme can provide unbiased feedback on areas of strength and areas needing improvement.
  2. Identifying Gaps: Through mystery shopping evaluations, EAP operators can identify any gaps or deficiencies in their services. Whether it’s the initial triaging and responsiveness of helpline staff, the clarity of communication, the patience and compassion that is demonstrated, or the effectiveness of counselling sessions, these evaluations help pinpoint areas that may need attention.
  3. Benchmarking Performance: By regularly conducting mystery shopping exercises, EAP operators can establish benchmarks for performance and track progress over time. This allows for continuous improvement and ensures that the programme is meeting the evolving needs of employees.
  4. Enhancing Training Programmes: Feedback from mystery shopping evaluations can be invaluable in refining training programs for EAP staff. By highlighting areas where additional training or support is needed, operators can ensure that their team is equipped to deliver the highest standard of care.
  5. Building Trust: Demonstrating a commitment to quality through mystery shopping can enhance trust and confidence in the EAP among both employees and employers. Knowing that their well-being is being carefully monitored and evaluated can provide reassurance to employees seeking support.

In today’s competitive business environment, maintaining high standards of care and support in Employee Assistance Programmes is essential. Mystery shopping offers a proactive approach to quality assurance, enabling EAP operators to identify areas for improvement, benchmark performance, and ultimately, enhance the well-being of employees. By embracing mystery shopping as a tool for continuous improvement, EAPs can ensure that they remain a trusted resource for organisations and for their employees.

Why choose Customerwise for Mystery Shopping for Employee Assistance Programmes

Mystery Shopping is only worth doing if it is done well. Considering the real human impact of the quality of the services provided by EAPs, that must be more true here than in almost any other situation.

Enquiries need to be realistic and relevant, handled by skilled and well-briefed Mystery Shoppers. A high standard of project or programme oversight is needed, with effective planning and careful execution, from initial design through to completion and the handover of findings and recommendation.

Factors like scenarios rotation, volumes and timings need to be given careful consideration to achieve a reliable and rounded picture of true performance.

The handling of challenging and complex programmes and projects is something for which Customerwise has gained an outstanding track record, as demonstrated by our testimonials.

Telephone Mystery Shopping

Tests on Employee Assistance programmes take place wholly or mostly via telephone. This is a specific area in which Customerwise can offer unique (and highly valuable) advantages over other Mystery Shopping providers.

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