Mystery Shopping for Event Venue Hire

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Event venues usually host a wide range of events for a wide range of groups and audiences with very different expectations. Often, event venues are part of other busineses or are adjoined to them. Their offer will often include catering and hospitality aspects, which may rely on external partners for delivery and execution. Mystery Shopping can be used in relation to specific events, but most often it is used to help ensure that enquiries are being handled correctly, so that conversions and sales values are both maximised.

Example businesses and situations

Private and corporate event venues, wedding venues, hotels, conference centres, marquee hire, etc.

How is Mystery Shopping used and what are the potential benefits?

The key objectives are to find ways to increase conversion ratios, and maximise sales opportunities while providing a high level of customer service and building trust and rapport. Mystery Calls and Mystery Shop visits and reports in these cases can be very valuable particularly in relation to lead conversion. Enquiries and reports can assess all the key stages that affect a decision to make a booking, or not. These include basic initial enquiry handling, first impressions, rapport building, the way that the prospects’ needs (and relevant selling opportunities) are established, sales skills, product knowledge and advice provided, standards of professionalism in terms of handling special requests, keeping promises, the quality and relevance of proposals and quotes, and any follow up activity. Video Mystery Shopping can be very valuable for this type of enquiry.

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