Mystery Shopping for Car and Vehicle Hire

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The vehicle hire industry is one where many aspects of an experience can either go right or wrong. In order to provide a smooth and pleasing customer experience, many things have to go right.

Presentation is a key element, along with operational efficiency. Staff communication skills and interpersonal are hugely important in terms of the initial and the final stages of a transaction. Often there is a need to clearly and politely explain expectations and conditions, and gain agreement. The recommendation or add on products and services by sales staff also often have an enormous impact on business performance.

Mystery Shopping can be of enormous help to vehicle hire businesses that want to increase customer satisfaction while improving business performance.

Example businesses and situations

Car hire, van hire, motorhome hire, motorbike hire, boat hire, and all other vehicle hire outlets and organisations.

How is Mystery Shopping used and what are the potential benefits?

Mystery Shopping is normally used here to assess general service standards throughout the whole process including handling of initial enquiries, vehicle recommendations, recommended terms and add-on products, staff efficiency, standards of vehicle preparation, dealing with changes of circumstances, unforeseen issues and problems, handing back of the vehicle, etc.

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