Mystery Shopping for funeral services

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The funeral services industry stands out in the sense that, whilst it is absolutely essential (and the quality of service that is provided has a massive emotional effect on customers), nobody ever wants to actually use the services.

The funeral services industry provides services to people at times when they’re upset or emotionally distraught, and in need of care and compassion. Providers of funeral services are often given a massive responsibility for coordinating an event and a process that is of huge significance to those who are left behind.

Another truth is that those who work in the industry also have bills to pay, and so need to secure an income. Survival as a business means that products and services need to be effectively and appropriately offered to those who might need them.

The way that customer interactions are handled is crucial in this industry, more so than most others. Customer needs and preferences have to be identified, and appropriate solutions need to be offered, and yet a very high degree of sensivity and empathy are needed.

Example businesses and situations

Funeral directors / funeral homes, cemetary owners and operators.  Over recent years there has also been a rise in the popularity and number of pet cemeteries providing funeral services for pets.

How is Mystery Shopping used and what are the potential benefits?

Telephone Mystery Shopping can be used to good effect to identify how initial telephone enquiries are being handled. In-person, report-based and video Mystery Shopping can also all be used to study staff interactions, as well as office / store / parlour presentation.

Mystery Shopping can be used to monitor standards in relation to every key part of a customer’s experience. This could include the presentation and cleanliness of premises, the handling of telephone enquiries, staff presentation, staff interactions, advice provision (general and relating to products and services), responses to special customer requests, etc.

The feedback that is gained can help businesses in this industry to ensure that they are providing a caring and supportive service, while ensuring that customers benefit from the products, services and arrangements that best fit their requirements.

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