Mystery Shopping for the hair, beauty, spa and wellness industries

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The hair, beauty, spa and wellness industries are ones where services are offered by skilled staff, but where the customer is also paying for (and expecting) an experience: one that is pleasing, relaxing and enjoyable.

Presentation is a key element, along with the expertise, confidence, competence and interpersonal skills of staff. The sales skills of staff can also have a huge impact on business performance.

Mystery Shopping can help businesses in this industry to improve their performance in a number of ways.

Example businesses and situations

Hairdressers, hair and beauty salons, spas, etc.

How is Mystery Shopping used and what are the potential benefits?

Mystery Shopping visits and reports on this industry can help to assess the overall standard of customer experience, general standards of customer service, relevant product and service related advice/sales skills on the part of the staff, and also the competent provision of any relevant services, treatments, etc.

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