Mystery Shopping for the Insurance Industry

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As with so many industries, competition in the post-covid world continues to become increasingly fierce for insurance providers and brokers.

One of the key challenges continues to be conversions: how to maximise the number of enquiries or quote requests that result in new policy sales, new customers, and revenue.

Mystery Shopping can be a powerful tool to help insurance providers and brokers to maximise conversions, so they can get ahead, and stay ahead, of the competition.

Customerwise is fast becoming a provider of choice in this industry, for good reason.

Our services for the B2C insurance industry are heavily focused on Telephone Mystery Shopping (click for more insights into our involvement in telephone mystery shopping for call centres, and our USPs), but also include in-person enquiries at bricks and mortar businesses (e.g. travel agents).

We’ve developed our own assessment framework for insurance enquiries, which covers the key stages that tend to be involved in every enquiry / quote request, and includes key performance indicators, including:

  • Building trusting relationships
  • Effective questioning and listening
  • Features and benefits
  • Gaining commitment, objection handling & closing
  • Commercial awareness

Other crucial factors such as speed/ efficiency, and showing respect for the caller’s time are also emphasised within the framework.

Output for Insurance Mystery Shopping Clients

For every enquiry that’s made by our Mystery Shoppers, clients receive a full written and scored report, containing plenty of detail, and in the case of phone enquiries, this is supplemented by a recording of the call itself.

But as well as providing great reports on individual interactions, what’s also important is helping clients to understand and explore their performance data, as clearly and as efficiently as possible – so they can act on it…

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The video above provides a rough idea of the sort of reporting dashboard that can be created using the world’s leading online Mystery Shopping platform, SASSIE. It gives an idea of the views and the widgets that are available, but SASSIE dashboards are almost infinitely customisable, and different users can have completely different “views”, depending on their priorities.

SASSIE Mystery Shopping Systems

SASSIE Mystery Shopping Platform Kaizen Action Plans Logo

Another unique benefit of SASSIE is a feature called Kaizen Action Plans. Kaizen is a part of the SASSIE system which allows organisations to manage and track the actual resolution of any issues that are highlighted through Mystery Shopping. The resolution of issues takes place within the SASSIE system itself.

Kaizen is a revolutionary feature in Mystery Shopping, that saves you time, while helping you to make sure that your feedback turns into improved performance.

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