Mystery Shopping for Day Nurseries and Childcare providers

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A decision about which childcare provider to choose is a very serious one for most parents, and for obvious reasons. It’s a choice that could affect their child’s emotional wellbeing as well as their social and intellectual development.

Often, decisions will be made taking into account longer term considerations and intentions about education, as well as the parents’ values, parenting philosophies and “world views”.

It is a decision that can be though for parents who keen to make sure that they get it right. Often, there are compromises that may need to be made and different factors need to be weighed against each other.

Children playing and learning in a nursery schoolDifferent parents have different preferences and priorities. However, we can safely say that there are groups of common considerations that dominate and influence these decisions for most parents.

Mystery Shopping can be a powerful tool for Children’s Nurseries and Childcare Providers that want to gain insights into experience that they provide to parents of potential pupils, and into how they are seen by parents of potential pupils. It can help providers to improve their standards, and ultimately make themselves a more attractive choice.

Example businesses and situations

Children’s Day nurseries and childcare providers

How is Mystery Shopping used and what are the potential benefits?

Visits and telephone enquiries are normally carried out by Mystery Shoppers on the basis that they are parents of a potential pupil. There is usually a heavy focus on converting telephone enquiries into visits/tours and finding ways to convert visits and tours more effectively into enrolments. The Mystery Shopper should consider all aspects of the offer including organisational standards, cleanliness, the range of facilities, staff morale, apparent atmosphere, activities that are claimed and apparent, catering options, etc. Video Mystery Shopping can often provide valuable additional insights and further detail here as elsewhere.

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