Mystery Shopping for Care Homes, Nursing Homes, Assisted Living & Retirement Villages

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Any decision around a person’s living arrangements will always be a serious one, but it will always be more so where a person may be vulnerable or dependent on support.

Care Homes, Nursing Homes, Sheltered Housing, Assisted Living Communities and Retirement Villages all offer accommodation and living arrangements with support for those who may struggle to live independently, or who may prefer not to.

The degree of support can vary significantly, along with the range and standards of facilities on offer, and the overall “lifestyle proposition”.

Family members often play an important role – or primary role – in these decisions. Lots of factors will usually need to be considered before a decision is made.

Very often also costs are a serious consideration. As budgets are raised, so are expectations in terms of every key area.

Older lady interacting with a friendly care worker in a care homeMystery Shopping for Care Homes and other accommodation providers

Mystery Shopping can can be a powerful way for businesses in these industries to examine more carefully how they are seen from the viewpoint of a potential resident (or a family member of a potential resident). It can help these businesses to understand why and where potential residents might choose them, or choose their competitors instead.

This feedback from the eyes of customers can be very valuable in helping to maintain and drive up standards.

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Why trust us with your Mystery Shopping project or programme?

Mystery Shopping feedback can be priceless for driving real change and real improvement. But like many things, it is only worth doing if it’s done well.

Customerwise provides a full range of mystery shopping services (covering all and any enquiry channels), providing fully tailored solutions for care homes and other accommodation operators catering towards older residents.

Our clients love our attentive service and the quality of our output.


  • Interactions that are both realistic and “on-brief”, from skilled and thoroughly-briefed Mystery Shoppers.
  • We use proprietary technology, techniques and extra steps to ensure our shoppers remain a mystery (even through multi-stage enquiry processes). (contact us for more information)
  • Bespoke reporting: we tailor individual report templates and whole reporting dashboards to ensure clients can see the high-impact information they need as conveniently as possible.
  • We’re flexible, responsive and proactive. We’re easy and rewarding to work with.

We focus heavily on the realism of interactions (taking care of all the little details through the whole enquiry process), so that the feedback our clients gain is accurate, reliable and actionable. Reliable feedback is essential for creating real and sustained improvement.

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Happy older man and others in a care homeExample businesses and situations

Care homes, retirement homes, nursing homes, assisted living communities, retirement villages, etc.

How is Mystery Shopping used and what are the potential benefits?

Due to the practicalities, visits and reports in this area are normally carried out on the basis of a family member of a potential resident. Visits are best carried out on an unannounced “drop-in” basis (without a prior appointment) where possible, although appointments will be appropriate in some circumstances. The Mystery Shopper should ask to be shown around, should share relevant information, ask relevant questions, take in replies and make observations. These observations will include those relating to the facilities themselves, and also to staff behaviour.

The eyes and ears of a discerning outsider may identify multiple issues that are notable, but may not be urgent. They may also be able to highlight areas for improvement that are more substantial and likely to have a real impact on existing residents. Video or Audio Mystery Shopping can be useful here in terms of taking in all the observations that might be made by a potential “customer” including the key “sales” conversation that takes place on any tour of the premises.

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