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Hospitality, tourism and leisure are key areas of focus for Customerwise Ltd.

We’re breaking new ground in the provision of in-depth, reliable management information and results-focussed consultancy services to these industries.

Our work with clients has focussed on in-depth Mystery Shopping (including Video Mystery Shopping) and detailed Customer Experience studies for a range of businesses.

This work involves taking a close look at every key aspect of a visitor or guest experience, and then finding ways to improve standards, and where possible, financial performance (e.g. primary and secondary spend).

Although it’s clear that real guests and visitors don’t carry clipboards (or the mindset of an assessor) , they do carry electronic devices, and they will use them. Although customers don’t assess their experiences in a rational and balanced way, small details can and do have a disporportionate effect on customer perceptions, and customers won’t hesitate to share those perceptions (balanced and fair, or not).   Different things can and do push different people’s “hot buttons”. There is no room for complacency in any area.

Also, recognising the importance of first impressions, and of the “peak-end effect”, we believe that it is crucial for businesses to find as many ways as possible to truly delight their customers, and to make sure that those “memorable highs” are all as high as possible.

Creating consistently great customer experiences is surely the core of a winning business strategy in these industries.

Mystery Shopping (when managed well) can be an extremely helpful tool for helping businesses to maximise positive customer experiences, minimise negative ones, and improve overall performance.

When working with a client we aim to do three things:

  1. Highlight areas of potential disappointment to visitors or guests, so these can be addressed, and / or
  2. Highlight opportunities to further improve the visitor or guest experience (to “wow” customers), to thereby improve perceptions, customer satisfaction and loyalty.
  3. Find ways, where possible, to improve primary (e.g. through lead conversions and average order / booking values) and / or  secondary spend.

Our reports themselves are packed with reliable, useful and actionable information.We combine this information with with advice and support.

We’re consistently told by clients that the feedback and advice that we generate is the best they’ve experienced.

We take an individual approach to each client’s business.

We start by listening to the client, performing initial research and establishing a true picture of “baseline” performance levels. Once we have a clear picture of current performance, we work with the client to set goals for improvement, then work with the client to help them produce those results.

In addition to our own work for clients we’ve also worked to support the South West Tourism Awards, through awards judging and sponsorship. This enables us to stay abreast of relevant trends and innovations, and provides useful examples refer to while helping clients.

The presence of a Mystery Shopping programme in itself can have a positive effect on customer service standards – simply through increased focus on the part of staff.This in turn can increase customer satisfaction levels along with dwell times, spend per head, increasing repeat visits and add-on sales (such as memberships), and more positive online reviews.

But beyond merely reminding front line staff that every interaction matters, the management information within the reports is priceless for helping buisnesses to make real improvements to both customer satisfaction and business performance.

If you own or help to manage a hospitality, leisure or tourism business, please get in touch for an informal initial chat (with no obligation) about your business.

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