Mystery Shopping for Entertainment, Leisure and Tourism

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Businesses in the entertainment leisure and tourism industries clearly promise an experience to their customers.

They compete for consumers’ hard-earned disposable income, and need to ensure that they consistently deliver the most enjoyable experience possible. These businesses often incorporate catering and a retail element to their offer in an attempt to provide a rounded experience, and maximise spend per head.

A modern bowling alley

Examples businesses of businesses that can benefit from Mystery Shopping services  

Leisure centres, bowling alleys, entertainment and events venues, cinemas, indoor entertaining centres and complexes, indoor play, theme parks, visitor attractions, activity providers, etc.

How is Mystery Shopping used and what are the potential benefits?

Mystery Shopping, including Video Mystery Shopping, can help businesses to assess customer service levels, staff efficiency, and general operational standards, including cleanliness and maintenance. It can also monitor upselling and add-on selling activity where appropriate. More in-depth studies can reveal opportunities to improve the visitor experience and journey, so as to increase customer and visitor satisfaction, and help maintain and improve brand reputation.

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