Mystery Shopping & Reports

Mystery Shopping is a fundamental part of what we do.

The benefits of Mystery Shopping are explored elsewhere in this site, but in a nutshell it allows organisations to:

  • See their business precisely as customers see it (the good and the bad).
  • Convert more enquiries into sales – including with high value products or services that are purchased infrequently
  • Use impartial (and credible) feedback to support staff training
  • Rectify operational and service-related problems
  • Avoid complaints
  • Optimise their complaints handling procedure – everyone makes mistakes occasionally!
  • Prevent negative online reviews – and the resulting damage to reputation.
  • Analyse and optimise the customer experience – going much further than just “ok”..
  • Gain great online reviews!
  • Identify new or untapped business opportunities (e.g. to add value, to cross-sell or up-sell)
  • Improve culture, raise the standard
  • Keep staff motivated to provide good service (reminded that it matters – every time!)
  • Let customers know organisations care enough about them to monitor their own performance
  • Perform competitor research (yes – you can Mystery Shop your competitors too!)

So it is not just about identifying clear failings (though it can certainly do that), it is about seeing ways to make the customer experience even better!

We believe that our Mystery Shopping services are among the most high quality and high impact available, and the same is true of the support that we provide to clients. Of course we would say that,  but here’s why:

The approach we take

The thought and care that we take in designing programmes aimed at producing real business results is second to none. Click here for an outline of how we work, using our six step process, to optimise the results our clients achieve.

Our Shoppers

We foster close, long-term working relationship with our shoppers. This allows us to deliver high quality, reliable information to clients, consistently. They are provided with clear briefs, and high levels of preparation, support and feedback. We are very selective about the shoppers we work with. We don’t just make do with “anyone we can get” at the last minute, as some Mystery Shopping companies seem to.



We use world leading, specialist web based software for managing shoppers and client projects. This allows clients 24/7 access to their report data, with the flexibility to allow them to see the information they require, conveniently and with no fuss.