1. Research

Undertake research and listen to clients to understand their position, priorities and challenges.

2. Baseline Assessment

Initial project using a series of Mystery Shopping visits to measure existing performance. Examine subjective comments as well as the more objective data to identify patterns and opportunities.

3. Agree Objectives

Set improvement goals, required actions, and timescales with management and team members. Review scenarios and questionnaires so relevant data is collected going forward.

4. Action

Help the client to implement the changes needed to reach initial improvement goals.

5. Pursue

Agree a strategy for continued performance improvement and monitoring. Reports are available online 24/7 and within 3 days of each visit for rapid action.

6. Review

Regularly review progress and ongoing strategy to meet and exceed business goals


Clients achieve significant improvements in customer / client satisfaction, and in turn loyalty, and revenue. Higher standards are maintained and improved long term, along with the clients’ reputation, and competitive edge.

Of course every client and every situation is different, and we recognise this. Where possible though, we try to take the steps that are indicated above, in order, when we’re working with clients. These steps allow us to maximise the impact and effectiveness of what we do.  The key priorities are to:

  • Understand the client, their position, priorities and current performance.
  • Provide useful, reliable  performance data and insights to clients.
  • Set clear goals with the client.
  • Help the client to take practical steps to achieve and exceed those goals on an ongoing basis.
  • Assist with monitoring and feedback on an ongoing basis to delivery consistent business results.