Switchboard Monitoring and Benchmarking

Switchboard Monitoring and Benchmarking using Telephone Mystery Shopping

Corporate Switchboards

Introducing a new way to:

  • Maintain the highest possible standards.
  • Assess yourself against fair and objective criteria.
  • Compare your own performance to that of your peers.


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Are you looking for a modern replacement for the Genesis Call Monitoring Report?

In 2021, telephone calls continue to be a common method of communication, especially for initial enquiries, so the handling of phone calls by corporate switchboards is a vital area – one that deserves very close attention.

Substandard handling of calls can do enormous harm to a caller’s impressions of an organisation. Poor call handling can and does cause valuable leads to be wasted and lost.

Telephone Mystery Shopping is a powerful tool used to help firms to achieve the highest possible standards of call handling. It can provide detailed, objective, and targeted feedback, that is very cost effective.

However, many firms want something extra: They want to know how they compare to their competitors.

Learning from and improving on The Genesis Call Monitoring Report

Before the Covid-19 outbreak in 2020, a service existed in the UK for this purpose. The service was provided by an organisation called Genesis Communications (now defunct).

We’re pleased to announce a totally updated service designed to meet this need in 2021 and going forward:

The Customerwise UK Switchboard Monitoring and Benchmarking Service.

We’ve looked carefully at the service previously provided by Genesis, and we’ve sought feedback and advice from previous participants of that scheme, including leading switchboard service providers.

Using that feedback, we’ve designed a service that is improved in several ways:

  • A new call handling assessment and scoring framework provides more clarity, consistency and objectivity.
  • Individual call reports are available to clients through our online platform, SASSIE, as soon as they are published (so you can act on feedback immediately).
  • SASSIE also provides clients with live access to their data through intuitive dashboards to help them to better understand and improve their performance.
  • Individual call reports will contain clear comments to explain scoring, and also contain call recordings where required.
  • Clients who choose to be appear on our Merit Table will be able to see their own general performance against that of other “visible” participants at any time.
  • All clients that use the framework (subject to minimum call volumes) will receive an annual certificate confirming their participation in the scheme and their average performance across the year.

The following video shows a quick tour through the SASSIE online reporting platform.

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A sample report using our Call Assessment and Scoring Framework can be accessed here.

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