Welcome to our new website

Welcome to our new, modern and clean website!

It’s been a long time coming, mainly because we’ve been so busy helping clients.

The main aims for the new site are:

  • To improve usability of the site, and the readability and “digestibility” of the content.
  • To provide much more up-to-date information about our services in 2023, and crucially, exactly how we are helping clients.
  • To help potential clients (and Mystery Shoppers) to quickly access valuable information to help them decide whether to get in touch and potentially work with us.
  • To shout more about all the different clients we’ve been working with and how we’ve been helping them (see our testimonials – we’re waiting for lots more).

What has Customerwise been doing?

There have been so many interesting and exciting things happening over the last two years. We’ve just been too busy to talk about them (a good problem to have!).

Some B2C areas where we’ve been particularly busy include:

  • The automotive industry, and (related to this) FCA compliance (working with car dealership groups, car brands, lenders, Product Partnerships Ltd, another Automotive Consultancy).
  • Financial Services and Insurance (working with banks, lenders, insurance brokers, comparison websites).
  • Education (working with schools, colleges, universities, private tuition franchises).
  • Property (working with home builders, rented accommodation providers, serviced office providers).

But we’ve been working with lots of other businesses too including holiday parks, leisure businesses, gyms, retailers, manufacturers, home improvements organisations, law firms and more.

We’ve been busy helping B2B businesses too, including white label software providers, payment processing companies, and various  SaaS businesses and other IT and technology service providers. In these cases, the focus is most often mainly about helping them to learn about their competitors.

As well as the all important core delivery of ongoing programmes, we’ve had projects that have involved careful project design and planning, deep engagement with client strategy, and staff training.

There is a common theme and a common purpose with all of it: to really listen and engage with our individual clients’ circumstances and to help them to compete more effectively. 

Going forward, we’ve going to be a lot more active in sharing content which we hope will be useful and informative, to share generally useful insights, and to help businesses understand how and where Customerwise can help them to excel.

Please subscribe to our newsletter if you haven’t already. And of course, if you think we might be able to help you, please don’t hesitate to get in touch to arrange a discovery call.


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Paul Taylor

Paul Taylor

Paul works creatively with a broad range of B2C and B2B organisations to help them find ways to compete more effectively.

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New website

Welcome to our new website