We are normally able to offer a guarantee to clients.

The guarantee is simple and it is based on good will and our desire to satisfy our clients:

If clients are ever less than impressed with one of our reports, or with our service in any way, then they are free to cancel their service with immediate effect. We will also refund the payment or credit the unpaid invoice for the last service that was provided or performed. This guarantee stands on a “no quibble” basis, and no reason need be given.

This means that as a client you are able to avoid paying for a report if you ever decide that the report did not provide fair value to you for whatever reason. The following conditions apply:

  • Notice must be given within 7 days of the report being released or other service having been delivered.
  • Refund or credit will be applied only to the most recently provided report or other service at the point of cancellation.

This guarantee, along with any other terms and conditions, will stand (only) where confirmed directly in writing to the client concerned.