Paul Taylor, Director

As the Managing Director of Customerwise, Paul works with B2C and B2B organisations to help them monitor how things are done and find ways to improve results.

He has over two decades of experience in sales at various levels. Having previously founded, built and sold a successful B2B organisation, Paul has trained and managed sales teams while managing the delivery of bespoke and critical HR services to well-known businesses in a wide variety of industries.

Paul has always been genuinely passionate about customer service and customer satisfaction. He is a member of the Market Research Society, and an avid reader of books on marketing, business, psychology and related topics.


Kate Farmer, Director

Kate is responsible for managing mystery shopper assignments, system administration, and financial management. Kate has many years of experience in sales and customer service in addition to management accountancy, and she spent seven years working alongside Paul Taylor as Operations Director of a B2B legal / HR services consultancy. Outside of work, Kate is a devoted mother and an avid reader.



Dr David Gibson, Advisor  (Tourism)

David has worked at senior management level in the Leisure and Tourism sector for over 20 years and has a superb track record of achievement in the specialist area of attractions, particularly zoos and aquariums. He most recently served as the Managing Director of the National Marine Aquarium in Plymouth, where he implemented a range of innovative strategies to dramatically improve customer satisfaction scores as well as visitor spend by over 40%. David now offers his solid expertise, creativity and practical know-how to Customerwise clients in the tourism industry. His involvement can also include personal Mystery Shopping visits and reports, and can extend to include in-depth consulting and training projects.




Christine Foulds – (Advisor) Customer Retention Management

For the past eight years, Christine Foulds has helped businesses to grow by focusing on their existing client base. After holding the position as Head of CRM at an international digital marketing company in London, she moved to the south west and started her own CRM business focusing on customer retention in the tourism sector.

Christine also sought work experience outside of the United Kingdom. She has worked in Moscow, Russia in the marketing departments of the Russian and Austrian tourism office as well as in Lima, Peru for a German-speaking tour operator.



Rachel Sampson – (Advisor) Marketing and Facilitation


Rachel is a highly experienced marketeer, facilitator, coach and experimenter.  Her roots are in traditional strategic planning, but her work now draws on many fields including the Art of Hosting principles and methods.  Working with people makes Rachel’s heart race. She works with organisations to help them make decisions about the products, brands and services they offer, and the way they work: she helps them to understand what their customers and their employees think, and then review their communications.

Most of Rachel’s work involves working with groups, large and small, in order to surface insights and explore new possibilities.   Her work transcends many sectors including hospitality, tourism, education, weddings, retail, online marketing, self-development, transformation, sport and banking.

She is passionate about how people can harness their collective energy to create the conditions that lead to engagement and change, and about cultivating new behaviours and capabilities in individuals and organisations to help them achieve their full potential and create success. Rachel is a member of the Chartered Management Institute, a wife and mother of 3.