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In 2018, Customerwise began helping Reink Media, the US-based owner of several online financial and investment portals, by managing a rigorous annual study covering financial brokers operating within the UK market. The data for these studies is gathered using Telephone Mystery Shopping.

“Customerwise has provided us with exceptional hands-on service every time we utilise them. Each year they continue to improve our customer service testing strategy by giving great feedback and providing in-depth data.”

The purpose of these studies is to assess the services offered by the firms, as well as staff member knowledge, and standards of customer service across a range of new customer enquiry types and scenarios.

The brokers targeted by the study are all regulated and authorised financial services providers. They offer spreadbetting and CFD accounts to private investors, allowing them to trade across a range of financial instruments including Forex, CFDs, stocks, bonds, commodities, cryptocurrencies and others.

These studies form the basis for Reink’s annual industry analysis. The research allows the financial services providers to be scored and ranked in relation to a variety of different factors. Performance scores are complemented by detailed qualitative feedback within call reports, allowing the business to share more nuanced and specific information with its users.

Needless to say, the accuracy and reliability of this data is of paramount importance.

Reink had previously used MSPA-registered mystery shopping companies in other geographic territories to undertake similar research. They keen to select the right UK partner – one that would engage with the project thoroughly, and provide consistent high quality oversight. In particular they were keen to avoid poor quality conversations and poor quality data.

The Mystery Shoppers needed to appear credible and have good quality conversations. They needed a suitable level of financial literacy and they needed to be well prepared.

This client has not been disappointed.

Each year, we use our highly skilled and and thoroughly briefed Mystery Shoppers to assist with this project,  and manage the project according to a strict framework that’s enforced consistently across all providers.

In addition, we work with Reink, proactively sharing ideas on ways to improve the quality and the value of these studies.

Our relationship continues to strengthen year on year.




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