The approach that’s taken to consultancy is driven by the client: the client’s situation, challenges and goals.

Our starting point is that improvements in the customer experience and improvements in business performance can and should go hand in hand. This doesn’t necessarily happen automatically, and indeed an ill-conceived effort to improve one can easily harm the other. However, to be well-equiped for a future of increasing competitition, and increasingly visible feedback from real customers, businesses need to pay plenty of attention to both.

Big improvements in customer service should in themselves lead to improved business performance over time, but may also increase short term costs (e.g. staffing and training). It is vital therefore not to neglect real opportunities to increase sales in the short term, where suitable opportunities exist. Of course, there are many cases where efforts to up-sell or cross-sell, or to anticipate a customer’s needs, can lead to increased spend while also increasing customer satisfaction rather than reducing it.

Our focus when delivering consultancy services is on helping clients to set goals, and identify practical steps that can be taken (usually based on Mystery Shopping and customer survey data) to improve both the customer experience and the performance of the business (short term as well as longer term) at the same time.

Clients benefit from an open minded, direct and honest exchange of ideas, from people with real world management experience. When steps are identified and agreed, we can provide or arrange for almost any type of practical help that the client needs, to see the steps taken, efficiently and to a high standard.