Where appropriate, training programmes can be delivered, usually with the involvement of trusted partners.

Training is delivered with plenty of humour, interaction and engagement, avoiding too much “preaching”, and instead encouraging participants to think for themselves about the importance of great customer experiences and what such a thing “looks like”.

The following key themes are normally involved:

  • Reminding staff of the huge difference that a “great” experience makes to a customer, over an “ok” experience
  • Helping staff to remember what goes into a great experience
  • Recognising that the need for right mind-set and intentions are foundational
  • Improving awareness of customer requirements and priorities
  • Helping staff to look through the eyes of a customer
  • Reminding all staff that “the little things” do matter greatly
  • How to deal with out-of-the-ordinary customer requests
  • The importance of acknowledging customers at every opportunity
  • The importance of being visibly helpful and considerate, and of anticipating customer needs

Effects will be greater and longer lasting when training is combined with an ongoing programme of Mystery Shopping, with feedback and recognition for strong performance.