New Services for 2021: Client and Competitor Website Studies and online / virtual video (e.g. Zoom) sales consultations.


If there was ever a time that businesses needed to adapt, now is that time!

So, I’m pleased to mention in this post some of the services we are now providing. As always, the purpose is to help businesses to compete more effectively.

Competitor website studies

With less face to face interactions happening generally, and with everything becoming more competitive, it has never been more important to make sure your website is as effective as possible at turning visits into sales or enquiries*. You can’t afford to lose business to your competitors.

We’ve provided these studies to clients directly, we’re in talks with more and we’re also going to be providing this service through one of our main commercial partners.

The process

Here is an outline of the process:

  • Take a suitable sample of people from your real target market to serve as testers / mystery shoppers. We suggest 20-30 as a rough minimum.
  • Get them to search for your type of business, using the search terms that they would naturally use.
    • Learn how they search.
    • Learn who comes up and where.
  • Have these users spend time on your website, and on a selection of your competitors’ websites. Have them test and report on every key aspect of each site, their experiences and impressions and each.


Once the study is complete, you receive:

  • A full overview report and presentation, including comparative performance, specific highs and lows, insights, and crucially: clear and actionable recommendations.
  • Access to all detailed individual user reports (including supporting materials such as screenshots and videos), and a flexible range of tools for exploring the results to gain insights via our platform (

Here is a page that describes the service in more detail.

The idea is to get detailed feedback on your website, in comparison to your competitors, from a reasonable number of suitable users, so you can learn the reality of how your website is viewed and interpreted, and what you can do to make improvements.

The feedback we’ve had so far indicates that the ROI for clients using this service is going to be outstanding. Customerwise can provide this service for clients in any B2C industry.

*By the way, our own new website is currently being worked on.

Virtual / video sales consultations and presentations.

This service is a fairly obvious adaptation to the increase in these types of interactions along with the decrease in face to face interactions. We can provide video footage either on its own or (more commonly) to supplement reports. Where possible, it is better if we can omit visual footage of the mystery shopper (shoppers like to protect their identity). This sort of footage provides a comparable level of detail to traditional mystery shopping footage, with more focus on individual staff members, and generally less of surroundings. Picture quality is generally better and more consistent.

Obvious applications for this service include automotive detailerships and any situation involving advice being provided in a B2C or professional services environment.


Businesses interested in either of the above services are encouraged to get in touch to discuss these, using 01392 984224 or


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New Services for 2021: Client and Competitor Website Studies and online / virtual video (e.g. Zoom) sales consultations.

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