Mystery Shopping is a big part of what we do. The general benefits of Mystery Shopping are explored elsewhere in this site.

We firmly believe that our Mystery Shopping services (and the way that we work in partnership with clients) are among the best available.

Why? Our clients tell us.

The most passionate feedback that we receive is often from clients that have used other Mystery Shopping companies in the past. Those clients can see the difference.

The approach we take

Planning and delivering bespoke programmes to produce the best results for clients takes real thought and care. It’s all about listening well, thinking hard and being diligent – dotting the i’s and crossing the t’s.

See some of our testimonials for reassurance that we are (and we do) those things.

Result areas

We focus heavily on producing results for our clients, and we help as soon as we can to identify clear result areas: specific measurable, high priority areas where we think we can help drive improvements.

We see all client relationships as a partnership, and we see it as our job to find ways to produce results that far outweigh the cost of our service.

Our Mystery Shoppers

We foster close, long-term working relationship with our shoppers. This allows us to deliver high quality, reliable information to clients, consistently. They are provided with crystal clear, comprehensive briefs, and high levels of preparation, support and feedback. We are very selective about the shoppers we work with. We don’t just make do with “anyone we can get”, as some Mystery Shopping sometimes seem to do.


We use SASSIE, the world’s leading online platform for managing client projects, assignments and reports. This allows clients 24/7 access to their report data, with powerful, and flexibile dashboard features to help them to easily explore the information that’s most important to them.

SASSIE Mystery Shopping Systems

Through SASSIE, clients also have access to a unique tool called Kaizen Action Plans. This feature allows clients to manage and track the responses to Mystery Shop feedback – all from within the system.

SASSIE Kaizen Action Plans image shows how the SASSIE platform can help clients to act on mystery shopping feedback.



De-risking our proposition

We don’t tie clients in with long contracts, or charge outrageous set-up fees. If a client was ever less than impressed with our service, or any of our reports, they’d be free to cancel their service immediately – and we will issue a credit or refund for the latest relevant piece of work, with no quibbles. So far, this offer has never been taken up.