We can help clients create real measurable improvements within specific, agreed “result areas”.

These will be different for each business but typically fall within categories such as:

– Customer or visitor satisfaction (the driver of improved results in many other measurable areas).

– The numbers / ratios of positive online reviews.

– Customer or visitor numbers, bookings, occupancy rates.

– Sales: conversion ratios, number of sales etc.

– Sales: average order values, primary spend etc.

– Secondary spend, spend per head, etc.

– Customer loyalty (vs attrition rate).

– Customer lifetime value.

– Cost control (e.g. marketing costs, operational costs, staff costs).

These are in addition to the normally perceived purpose of Mystery Shopping: monitoring and maintaining standards, and identifying weak areas in terms of customer service or operations.

The truth is that the value of any service to an individual client, only become clear as the service is provided.

That is why we make the decision to use us simple and risk free. If a client ever feels that the service hasn’t paid for itself or provided fair value, we’ll issue a refund, no questions asked.

Costs themselves depend on the service that’s provided and on client requirements. We can’t promise that our service will always be the cheapest on a commodity basis (e.g. per report). However, our fees will always be highly competitive in terms of what we actually do to deliver value to clients. We generally go much further and do more than other providers. See our case studies for examples.