How quickly a year can pass

2018 was gone before we knew it.

This blog post is going to take the form of a much overdue update for anyone who’s interested in what we’ve been doing here at Customerwise.

2018 was an interesting year. And busy… so busy that we barely updated or published anything on our website!

What have we been busy with? Well, it’s been nothing if not varied (see below for some examples).

We like to think that the variety of work we’ve successfully undertaken for our clients points to one of our major strengths – versatility.

There are many good things to be said for specialising and for knowing your market, but we believe that individuals and teams, if they’re really committed, can successfully rise to new challenges. They can do a great job and bring something new by bringing “fresh eyes” as well as insights and knowledge from other fields.

Customerwise is continuing to develop a reputation in certain industries (including some that are the most mature users of Mystery Shopping services). But in 2018 we’ve also shown our ability to really add value in situations that are brand new to us, and very niche.

We continue to win (and win over) clients in a range of different industries, both B2C and B2B.

That’s by simply by providing clients with a high-quality service, producing highly valuable information and insights that help them to raise their game.

Keep reading to get a flavour of some of our successes in 2018. If you think we might be able to help your business to raise its game in 2019, get in touch on 01392 984224 or using


2018 client projects

Our less predictable projects

Esri UK – B2B (GIS) software

One of our most interesting and involved projects was with Esri UK, part of Esri, the global leader in GIS (Geographic Information System) software. We helped Esri to better understand the experience of their customers during the first year after sign-up and onboarding.

This project required us to engage in conversations with decision makers, project managers and GIS end users in a variety of settings. The client interviews involved working through inherently complex situations and “use cases” to help Esri to understand the key challenges, real experiences priorities, and needs of their customers.

Ultimately, the findings from interviews and surveys were distilled into a report that we produced for Esri. It is not exaggeration to say that Esri loved the report, and the findings helped create a clear roadmap for improved progress and growth through improved customer success and better client retention.

Logistics industry – B2B Competitor Research

Another highly in-depth project (which is ongoing) involves in-depth B2B competitor research for a global parcel carrier. In a hugely competitive and fast-moving industry, the client’s business depends heavily on understanding its competitors’ service offerings in detail as well as their (often extremely complex) pricing models and levels. Customerwise took over from an established industry expert, and we’ve been providing significantly more value to the client in return for a comparable investment. We’ve helped the client to review which aspects of their competitor’s offers they should pay attention to, and then provided clearer and more in-depth information and analysis in all of those areas.

The focus is on actionable insights and information that can be used to increase our client’s competitive advantage.


Online media / financial services – market comparison study.

Another interesting project involved working with the owner of several high-profile finance-related websites to manage a sizeable study focussed on the standards of customer service, advice and actual service offerings available from UK and European financial services organisations (banks and financial brokers). The data was collected via Telephone Mystery Shopping and the study (as well as further studies now planned) will form valuable proprietary content for the client.

We have a number of other exciting B2B and professional services projects in the pipeline.

Speaking of Mystery Shopping, we have, of course, been busy with lots of that too.

Mystery Shopping and more mainstream projects

This aspect of our business also saw significant growth during 2018.

The year saw us become full members of the Mystery Shopping Professionals Association (MSPA) of Europe and Africa. The application process required us to demonstrate our track record of helping clients (by providing references) and adhere to a code of ethics.

Some of our Mystery Shopping work in 2018 has included:


We’ve continued working with a specialist national retail chain (that provides expert advice to its customers) helping our client to maximise sales while providing a superb customer experience.  Services have included Video Mystery Shopping and Telephone Mystery Shopping.

We also established a new and promising working relationship with a household name in online shopping, helping the client to improve standards at a high-profile luxury beauty product retailer, through report-based mystery shopping using carefully profiled mystery shoppers.


We’ve been helping two independent, regional optical chains to optimise their patient experience while remaining commercially competitive and consistent with their own high ethical and professional standards. These projects have included the use of Telephone Mystery Shopping, Video Mystery Shopping, and traditional, report-based Mystery Shopping.

Hospitality & leisure

We’ve continued to help a number of award-winning independent UK holiday parks by giving them detailed and comprehensive feedback of a quality that they’ve never received previously. This has led to referrals and we are set to be helping more holiday parks during 2019.


We began working in 2018 with one of the UK’s leading franchised dealership networks, providing them with carefully organised and highly realistic video mystery shopping services. This relationship continues to develop and grow.

Can we help your business?

Again, if you run a business that’s like any of those mentioned above (or that isn’t!), and you think we might be able to help you, please get in touch, for an informal and no obligation chat. You can use or give us a call on 01392 984224,




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