After the UK Lockdown: Covid 19 Social Distancing Compliance Monitoring and Feedback.

  • May 14th, 2020
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Covid-19 quarantine

It is probably being said several times per second, but these are indeed extremely “challenging times”. For individuals and society, and for businesses.

It now seems clear that, after the UK lockdown in the UK, life is not going to bounce back to “normal”.

Social distancing looks set to stay, for months, at least. In addition, there will be huge pressures in terms of the wider economy and much reduced consumer spend.

The ability of businesses (especially B2C businesses) to fully comply with government guidelines (and consumer confidence in their ability) could easily be a “make or break” issue for them.  

As government guidance continues to be issued and updated , businesses are planning for how they will comply, to ensure that they are protecting their staff, and their customers, while also trying to maintain their own commercial viability.

For many, balancing the need for compliance and safety, with the desire to provide a satisfactory (and ideally pleasant) customer experience, in many cases, will not be easy.

And then of course, once businesses have planned the changes that are needed, it will then be essential (for staff and customer safety and confidence as well as reputation management), that the new policies and procedures are fully implemented and consistently adhered to.

However, the monitoring of implementation and compliance will also be less straightforward than in pre-covid times. Because, of course, monitoring will still depend, to some degree, on human beings….

We can help

As the UK lockdown is lifted and B2C businesses try to get back on track, Customerwise can help them to effectively monitor their compliance. We can do so flexibly, with solutions tailored to clients’ individual requirements.

Where clients demand the certainty of knowing that things have been systematically and professionally checked, in accordance with their own standards and criteria, we will (still) be able to arrange physical site visits by auditors or Mystery Shoppers.

Where businesses wish to strictly avoid or minimise any avoidable presence of individuals on their premises, we are also now able to quickly implement real-time app-based customer feedback solutions, where feedback is gained directly from real customers who are already on site (using customers’ own devices, with feedback sent through directly to branch and senior managers) .

In some cases, combinations of the two approaches will be appropriate and will likely yield the most valuable feedback.

By establishing clients’ key requirements and working flexibly with them, we can ensure that they get the feedback they need, to ensure safety and compliance, while optimising customer experience during what are sure to be exceptionally challenging and competitive times going forward.

To discuss your requirements, please call 01392 984224 or email Alternatively, call Paul Taylor directly on 07812 043645.

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Covid-19 Notice

Covid-19 Notice

Customerwise is following official government guidance and taking all reasonable steps to ensure the safety of our staff, clients, mystery shoppers and other contractors.

The UK Lockdown, and Social Distancing rules have meant that some (field-based) areas of activity are on hold.

However, we are still operational through the Covid-19 crisis. 

Services such as competitor research, telephone and online mystery shopping have suffered from no serious disruptions and are continuing.

As the lock down is lifted and restrictions begin to ease, we are able to assist businesses in ensuring their compliance with government guidance (see 14th May blog post for more info)