Dartmoor Zoo (aka Dartmoor Zoological Park) enlisted the services of Customerwise to provide an assessment of their baseline performance in relation to all aspects of the customer experience. In addition, attention was paid to existing and potential commercial opportunities and opportunities.

Benjamin Mee (writer of the best seller We Bought A Zoo), described the service: ben-head

“The unflinching feedback from Customerwise made uncomfortable reading at times, and was definitely not the sort of thing we could generate in-house. But the points raised were detailed and objective, giving us a clear roadmap towards improvement in key areas.

Customer wise encouraged us to give them a detailed brief, and then carried out an extremely thorough customer’s eye view of the whole site. Even the posture and eye contact of the staff was noted.

They noticed all our strong points, as well as the things we knew we were complacent about, and then, critically, several things we could never have seen for ourselves. Altogether a very healthy exercise which has left us with an easy to implement set of priorities for improvement.

I cannot think of an attraction which would not benefit from this service.”