Andrew Pooley, Managing Director of Dart Valley Railway plc (trading as the Dartmouth Steam Railway and Riverboat Company) had the following to say about working with Customerwise Ltd.

The quality of the service from Customerwise exceeded my expectations. There were a number of insights which we gained that will be of significant impact going forward. It was hence a very valuable exercise which provided a very healthy return on investment, and we intend to continue to work with Customerwise in the future.

Paul Taylor at Customerwise took the time to understand our business, listen to our priorities and prepare a bespoke Mystery Shopping brief and questionnaire. He then allocated a team of highly observant and skilled Mystery Shoppers to survey and report on every aspect of the real visitor experience.

The result was a most comprehensive and useful research / feedback document. It allowed us to identify and prioritise areas for improvement, both through immediate remedial action and ongoing development, investment and refinement.

Paul listened and understood what we wanted to gain from the research. The delivery was consistent and broad reaching, hence the research is both credible and useful.

The visitor experience has to one of the very highest priorities for an organisation like ours, while we also have to face and deal with commercial realities.

I’d strongly recommend Paul Taylor and Customerwise to any organisation looking to improve visitor or customer satisfaction and the many things that rely on it, or just generally improve performance.”